Sanitation Department

We all need to work together to keep our city clean! By City law it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to keep the alley mowed at all times. Also, it is illegal to park any vehicle in the alley, as this can prevent utility and emergency vehicles from passing through.

We are very fortunate in Dalhart to have alleys in most areas. These alleys provide a place for dumpsters and utilities. Please keep the Alleys picked up, whether it was your trash that ended up outside the dumpsters or someone else's. If you observe repeated trash problems or illegal dumping (trash from outside city limits or household trash in green dumpsters) please contact Curtis Green at 806-244-2023.

City of Dalhart Landfill

Location: 3 miles north on Highway 87


Monday through Friday
8 am to Noon and 1:15 to 4:30 pm

9 am to 12:30 pm

Sundays and Holidays

Dumpster Information

  • Brown Dumpster - Household Trash
  • Green Dumpster - Yard Waste
  • White Dumpster - newspapers, assorted paper, phone books
  • Red Dumpster - Cardboard

Additional Sanitation Information

  • Sanitation charges are combined with water/sewer billing on one convenient bill-card.
  • Brown dumpsters in the alley are for household trash. Please no large items, wood, concrete, stone, tires or metal as these damage the dumpsters during pick-up and the mechanism and hydraulics cylinders in the trash trucks.
  • Green dumpsters in the alley are for yard waste only! Please ensure that no plastic bags or household trash get into the green dumpsters and if your kids take out the trash, please tell them also (violators can and will be fined up to $500 for illegal dumping).
  • Please always close lids on dumpsters
  • Newspaper collection is in white dumpsters at the Apache Center on Tennessee (united supermarket) and at the Senior Citizen Center (7th street).
  • Phone books and magazines recycling is available in the collection trailer at Apache Center and Senior Citizen Center.
  • Cardboard recycling is available in the red dumpsters. Please break down the boxes and flatten and deposit in a red dumpster near you. Red dumpsters are located at the Apache Center and behind stores, you may place your cardboard in any of them, the business is not charged for the red dumpster pickups.
  • Large items can be placed in the alley behind your property for pick-up on scheduled runs (about every 6 to 8 weeks). If your items fill more than 1/4 of the flatbed truck, there will be a charge.
  • Upon request we will pickup the items immediately at extra charge.
  • Please place only those items in the alley that you want the city to pick up. If you want to keep an item, don't put it in the alley.
  • For larger loads, you can rent the use of the City's flatbed truck on weekends. City personnel will park the truck on your property on Friday afternoon and pick it up Monday morning. The fee for this is a minimum of $75 plus weight fee depending on the load. Call Curtis at 806-244-8403 for availability and reservations.
  • Free mulch is available at City Barn (just past the Peters Street Railroad crossing) and landfill. Just come by with your shovel and trash bags, trash cans or pick up and load it.