Water & Sewer Department

Dalhart Texas Water TowerAfter Hours Water & Sewer Emergencies

For after hours water or sewer emergencies call 806-333-6023. This is for emergencies only and not for bill pay.

About the Water...

The City of Dalhart has water conservation brochures, published by the Texas Water Development Board, available free at City Hall. The City has also adopted a Water Conservation Policy in case of water shortage, which outlines the different levels of water conservation measures.

However we are very fortunate that all of our water comes from wells in the Ogallala Aquifer and so far we have never had to activate the water conservation plan. We do not use any surface water and have been rated "Superior" water system.

Once a year in the summer, we publish a report and mail it to all customers. The report explains about the water quality and ingredients. If you would like to review a copy or if your landlord pays your water bill and you don't receive a copy, you can always pick one up at City Hall.

City of Dalhart Water DepartmentPaying Bills After Hours

To pay your bill after hours, you may drop a payment in the drop box in the parking lot at city hall (205 Rock Island Avenue) and your payment will be applied at 8 am on the next business day.

You may also visit our Online Portal to pay your bill online and your payment will be applied at 8 am on the next business day.

The serviceman will not reconnect your water after hours.

Field Services

  • Free shutoff and turn on for repairs (24/7)
  • Free Leak determination by checking the meter
  • Seasonal connection for sprinkler systems if on a separate meter
  • Electrical meter reading
  • Superior Water Quality Award for 10 years.

Water & Sewer Department Services

Utility Connections

  • $50 deposit for residential customers
  • $75 deposit for commercial customers
  • Deposits will be applied to the last bill
  • Must bring 2 forms of state or U.S. government issued ID, preferably DL and SS card
  • You must appear in person to apply for services

Billing, Payment & Charges

  • Bills are mailed on the last business day of the month and are due by end of business day on the 20th of the following month. If unpaid after the 20th, a 10% penalty is added and a Delinquent Notice is mailed as a courtesy reminder. If no payment is received by the disconnect date set forth on the Delinquent Notice, an administrative fee of $25 will be charged to all delinquent accounts and services are interrupted. At your request your excellent payment history will enable us to waive disconnect in case of a financial emergency (once a year)
  • Payments can be made by bank draft, cash or check, Visa, Master Card, Discover card or online via our Payment Portal. Payments made through our portal will post immediately to your account.
  • Payments can be received by mail, phone with debit or credit card, drive up Kiosk or white collection box outside City Hall.
  • Online Bill pay through your bank : please be aware that the bank will mail a paper check to us and although you bank account shows the deduction immediately, we often do not physically receive the check for 7 to 10 business days, possibly causing 10% penalty for late payment and even disconnection.
  • There is a charge of $18 on all returned checks or bank drafts. After we have received a returned check, we will not be able to accept checks for payment for one year.
  • Winter sewer averaging: Your sewer charge for the entire year is calculated in February based on your water consumption in December and January, when you water your yard the least. New customers are charged the basic rate unless we have a history.

Free Information & Test Material

The city of Dalhart has water conservation brochures available, which are free in small quantities. Some brochures are available in Spanish. Most of the information relates to water saving tips inside the house as well as for the yard.

Test Tablets to check for leaky toilet tanks and shower flow meter bags are available upon request, free of charge when in stock.

Utility Accessibility

Water meters must be accessible to City crews for meter reading and maintenance at all times. A vehicle parked on top of the meter will be towed at your expense. Do not keep your dogs or other animals where they interfere with access to the meter. Please be considerate of the workers and keep you dogs out of the way.

Puddles in the Street

The City of Dalhart celebrated their Centennial Celebration in 2001. Unfortunately along with the history comes an aged water system. We still have some of the original waterlines in services and those lines are doing a fine job. However, occasionally you may notice a puddle of water in the same spot, and it doesn't seem to dry up. This could be a good indication that a waterline or tap is leaking. The water department would appreciate your call to us 806-244-2077 to let us know so we can take a closer look and avoid further water loss. The water department will evaluate the priority of reported leaks and work them accordingly.

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